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"Jamie Cohen changed my horse’s quality of life.
Moonlight was my wonderful and gentle hearted polo pony. He came to my barn one rainy fall day from only God knows where, but we do know he started his journey to me from Argentina. His body was failing him and his spirit was broken.
One of my favorite memories is Moonlight’s first day at the barn."
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Moonlight and Jamie caught in a hug.
"I am happy to have this opportunity to express how pleased I am with the work that Jamie Cohen has done with my 19-year-old OTTB, Silverado.  I will have to admit that when I first asked Jamie to work on Silverado I was skeptical, but felt that I had nothing to lose.  I'm so glad that Jamie has proved me wrong."
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Silverado: 19 years old and feeling good!
Pi O Pah..."That's the Spot!"
Pi O Pah
"As someone who has experienced the healing effects of a talented massage therapist on my own sprains and strains, it occurred to me that since my horse is doing most of the work when I ride, he too might benefit from a therapeutic sports massage once in a while.  I was thrilled to discover a more balanced and relaxed ride on the days following his massage from Jamie."
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"I'll take that pen, thank you," Annie wants to add her input into the post massage report.
"I started having Jamie come to work on my 13-year-old OTTB, Black Jack, last fall.  The first thing I noticed about him was his calm and relaxed manner he had with my horse.  Black trusted him right off the bat."
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"Jamie is by far the best Equine Massage Therapist I have had the pleasure to work with! His knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology is impressive, and his kind approach to working with my horses is so greatly appreciated."
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"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how great Schultz has been doing in his training.  He won 1st place at Beland Stables dressage show on Sunday with a 65.8 in Training level test 1.  His first time out and on his 4th birthday too."
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Schultz and Jess
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